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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tough Day?? This Too Shall Pass……I’m Just Sayin

This stagnant economy is hurting a lot of people, but This Too Shall Pass!

I talked to a friend of mine today who had a really long streak of bad luck. He had asked me to give him an estimate on his home which was damaged during hurricane Sandy. His roof was almost entirely ripped off, and because of this there was some fairly extensive water damage on his ceilings and walls. He seemed really down, and that's just not like him.
During our conversation I came to find out that he had recently dissolved his HVAC business (heating and air conditioning) because of an unscrupulous builder had decided to bankrupt his current company with no warning to the contractors that were working on his 8,000 sq. ft. house. His partner in his business who was his best friend had become distant, to say the least. He was living on unemployment, and that money was just not enough to cover his bills.   And to top it all off his pride and joy, a 2005 Ford F250 was totaled by a drunk driver while parked in his driveway. WOW.....that was a lot to take in! My heart ached for him, and I wanted to grab him and tell him that this too shall pass and all will be okay.

My life has been filled with "this too shall pass" moments.

And because of my experiences, I started to tell him of some of the things in my life that seemed to be so desperate that I didn't think I would walk away unscathed. I explained to him that I just keep thinking positive thoughts, and not let that certain situation get me down. And I believe that by thinking positive I've noticed about not just my life, but others is that, just when it seems that everything is going wrong, something amazing happens. The dreaded situation works itself out, and sometimes I'm so much better off for it!
Now here is the AMAZING thing that happened to my friend. As he was asking me to keep the price down, so he could "maybe" keep some of the insurance money to live on, his cell phone rang. He almost didn't answer it because he didn't want to be rude but I insisted that it was okay. That phone call was for a job interview that he was waiting for, but figured that he wouldn't get because it was such a really big company and there were tons of applicants for that same position. This was his "This too shall pass" moment.

Here is a video by OK Go.... titled  This Too Shall Pass!

I love this video, not only because how it was made, which is incredible in itself, but just the words "this too shall pass" is a phrase that is close to my heart!

So in closing: If things in your life aren't going just right, whether you lost your job, or crashed your car, or just down on your luck. My advise to you is to STAY POSITIVE, because all will work itself out, and all you have to remind yourself is that "This too shall pass"!!....I'm just sayin

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