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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pelican Whole House Water Filter

What is The Pelican Carbon Series

Whole House Water Filter?

 The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Whole House Water Filter is simply the best whole house water filter available today. You will not find a whole house water filter that is more affordable and removes more contaminates than this product! The PC600’s multi-stage filtration process and high-performance filtering media produce sparkling-clean, contaminant-free water for your home. Imagine enjoying spring-like water through every faucet in your house! Drink delicious, contaminant-free water. Bathe and shower in contaminant-free water – your hair and skin will feel softer almost immediately, and there won’t be any chemicals in your water to cause you to suffer from dry, itchy skin.

 D & J Construction is your Pelican™ Dealer for all of your Healthy Water Needs!

 Lenny from Brick said "Dominick is extremely reliable , honest and does excellent work. He responds to messages in a timely manner. His workmanship and professional demeanor are outstanding. Dominick has provided me with advice and instructions that has saved me additional money. Thank you again for installing and servicing my whole house water filtration system."

Do you have a very large home and need more than 600,000 gallons? 

Checkout the PC1000 High Capacity Water Filter.
Want to soften your water as well as remove contaminants?Consider the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Water Filter/Softener 1-3 Bathrooms.

Healthier, contaminant-free water
Better-tasting beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, etc.)
Better-tasting and better-for-you food (when prepared with the filtered water)
Softer skin and hair
Easy installation with no assembly required (indoors, outdoors, or underground)
Improved indoor air quality (eliminates chloroform gas and odors)
No back flushing
No wasted water
Little to no water pressure loss
No electricity use
Great for pets – veterinarians recommend filtered water for pets

 Why should I choose the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter for my home?

The PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is a superior product that offers a host of benefits versus other whole house water filters available today. The PC600’s filter
lasts for up to 5 years or 600,000 gallons; when it’s time to replace the filter, all you have to replace is the media inside the tank – no tank to replace and no plumbing
required! This makes the cost of filter replacement a fraction of that of competitive products. In addition, the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is manufactured
using only the highest quality valves and tanks. The tank’s large diameter holds a significant amount of water filtration media, resulting in better over-all performance and
longer lifespan for the product. All in all, the PC600 is designed for many years of trouble-free service.

Premium Whole House Water Filter & Salt Free Softener

If you are interested in filtering the chlorine and contaminants in your water along with eliminating the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt then the Pelican Combo Series is your answer. Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers and see for yourself why the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Combo Series is the "Ultimate Home Appliance" for your family. Stop buying expensive bottled water or lugging salt, and start getting better than bottled water quality from every tap in your home with the Pelican Combo Series while saving you time and money. The Pelican Premium Combo Series combines the Pelican Carbon Series along with the NaturSoft Series to give you "A True Spa like Experience".

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