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Friday, January 18, 2013

Australian Man Strikes it Rich.......I'm Just Sayin

A now rich Australian man made an extraordinary discovery yesterday!

He found an "incredibly rare" 12-pound gold nugget. It was hiding under only 23 inches of dirt. The total price for such a find?....$300,000, and maybe even more than that because of the rarity of the find. He found it in a place where hundreds searched before, using a Minelab GPX-5000, a state-of-the-art metal detector.

gold, rich, $300,000, gold nugget
Looks like Daffy Duck to me! or an alien Oscar!

The man who wants to stay anonymous (can you blame him....I would too!) says at first I thought it was the hood of a car! Cordell Kent, owner of The Mining Exchange Gold Shop said in an interview:
"He doesn't want anyone to know his bit of ground. There are only four people who know where he found it -- he and his wife and me and my wife. And he's hoping the one he found this week is a small piece and that there are bigger ones still out there."

The man said he will use the money to pay off bills. Yeah, that's good! Now he's a rich guy!

But is it gold, or money that makes you rich? Sure wealth IS nice, and I wouldn't complain one bit if I was digging in my back yard and like Jed Clampett I struck that black gold or yellow gold, even a gold watch would be nice. But what I've learned through my years of searching for my nugget (gold) is that money is nice of course, but my wealth is in my content for life. My family (wife and four children) make me rich beyond anything that money could buy!
To me, it's not the money that I want really, it's the things that I could have if money was not an issue. Obviously I would pay off my house, I would have no bills, go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I'd go to Disney World for a weekend trip. These things and more are most definitely in my future, I had a dream about it, I feel it, I know it. I know it because I've found my golden nugget.

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