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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a cold and rainy day.....I need a laugh.....I'm Just Sayin

I'm an "upbeat" person who loves to laugh.

Today, it's a cold and rainy day in January, and that in itself is to be expected. I find that this kind of weather just makes me feel like crap. I was out on one of my jobs this morning meeting with a customer and the cold rain just went right through me. I Own a Construction Business (D and J Construction), and our current job is outside, we were forced to take a day off.
I came back to my office, and figured that I would get some estimates out. So, as usual, whilst on my computer I started by opening up my proposal "some" work done....time to check my email....Hmmmm, wonder what facebook is up to this morning....and finally on YouTube......Thank God for tabs!

This was a good thing, because I got that much needed laugh.

While browsing videos, I find it amazing how I start off with a video about the new chip for smart phones to make them 3D (I love Technology) and end up watching a video about The NFL "A Bad Lip Reading" I'm so glad that I did see it because I laughed my A## off! Actually if football was like this I would be a fan for sure!! Check it out:

Now that was the laugh I was looking for!

This video made me laugh out loud. I watched it three times, because as you watch you will swear that these guys are actually saying this stuff! Here is what a few of the comments look like.
"This was so good, I actually thought the players, refs, and coach's were actually saying this...then I re-read the title and all that". And: "An orange peanut!?" And:“I brought you a potion and it’s gonna work great cause it’s gonna make you run and you brought your potion, right?”
I LOVE to laugh. For me it's the cure all. Our house is usually filled with laughter, and I notice that people that do laugh a lot, are more comfortable with themselves and others. Other people like to be around them. It's a natural thing.

People like to surround themselves with laughter and success.

Now if your a "happy" person who enjoys a laugh or two a day, then that's Wonderful! I think a person with that kind of mindset will attract success also. I personally have many success stories. From my marriage, to my home, to my awesome children, to my construction business, and finally to my latest soon to be "the best" success story of my life! I have joined the Empower Network, and I see a really incredible future ahead of me. If you want to know more about how to join us, Click Here!
In closing.....Laugh, Love, and spread the wealth of your own good fortune to others....I'm Just Sayin.

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