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Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Still Rock And Roll To Me......I'm Just Sayin

Rock and Roll Still Lives!

I'm a 70's musical child, and I'm so very glad for that. I grew up listening to the 60's music, with groups like, Cream, Tommy James & The Shondells, The Rolling Stones, and in my opinion the best musical group of all time....The Beatles.  As a matter of fact I really thought that my Aunt Francine was going to marry Paul McCartney. I loved visiting my Grandmother in the Bronx, because I would hang out with my Aunt Jackie (Francine's sister) and play Beatles 45's, singing, dancing and thinking how Wonderful Rock and Roll was! We would walk to the corner five and dime and buy packs of Beatles cards....the ones with the gum. I was hypnotized by the music. It was a good time to be alive!

Music is the kind of thing that can not be hidden. Rock and Roll could not be stopped.

As I grew up, so did Rock and Roll. I grew up listening to songs like "I wanna hold your hand", "My Girl", and "Twist and Shout" and by the time I was in my early teens the message changed, it was a little harder and the lyrics were a little grittier. My ears tingled to tunes like: Let it be by the Beatles, Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zepplin, American Woman by The Guess Who,  And the Jackson five were all over the air waves. I must admit that I thought that Michael Jackson was the coolest kid ever!
But the 70's also left me feeling abandoned. I was listening to the radio, and heard an awful news cast that the Beatles were breaking up! I felt betrayed! I couldn't get over the fact that there would be no more Beatles music.....ever.......UNTIL NOW!


Thanks to "Soundhog"  who put this video up on YouTube. The combination of Helter Skelter and Whole Lotta Love was brilliant! VERY COOL SONG! But I regress.....The rest of the 70's brought some of the best music of all time......... from Solo releases of the former Beatles, to Elton John, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Eric Clapton, to Peter Gabriel...way too many to name here, although I could! The 80's also brought some pretty interesting music like The Wall, by Pink Floyd (one of my favorites), Blondie, The Cars, The Police etc. The 90's were a little disappointing, but there was Jon Bon jovi, and Barenaked Ladies. Bottom line here is that Rock and Roll still lives on!

I want to thank the powers that be for music, especially Rock and Roll!

Music is the best thing that Humankind has invented. I live my life around music. I play it on my cell phone, which has around 800 songs on the micro SD card, my work trucks are fashioned with players that not only play MP3 disc's but also play thumb drives which carry days worth of music EACH! My home is wired for music also. My stereo reaches out to speakers in the Living room (surround), two bathrooms, Master Bedroom, Dining room, and Family room.
In closing, I can only say that without music, and especially Rock and Roll the world would be an unbearable place to live.....I'm gonna take a shower now, and Rock out!.....I'm Just Sayin!