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Monday, January 21, 2013

Debt Limit, Should We Be Worried?......I'm Just Sayin

The Debt Limit is in the news pretty much every day.

I promised myself that 2013 would be the year for me to stop watching the news so much, stay positive and not worry about anything, especially from our government. I'm a registered Republican, but I now consider myself an Independent. I will be changing my affiliation one day this year. For the last eleven years I have taken more than an interest in what goes on within our government. I had become disheartened by the fact that our representatives no longer represent. It seems if you are a special interest group with lots of money, THEN your voice will be heard.
I worried mostly because I was concerned about my children's future in this country. Will they be safe from outside extremist groups? Will they be able to get a job?  Will they be taxed so highly because of the fact that  our government can't control the Debt Limit? Is our government honest with its people? These and many more questions ran through my head just about every day. I joined "groups" for illegal immigration, groups that wanted our politicians held accountable for their actions. I sent faxes, made phone calls, wrote emails and letters. I was very concerned all the time. So much so, that it began to become part of who I was. I would have conversations with total strangers about how the policies of our government was putting us all at risk. I was consumed!

Now again, the Debt Limit is being thrown in our faces.

It really makes me wonder if the powers that be are really intelligent enough to control the future of our country, or are they like a spoiled college student who was given Daddy's credit card. I'm guessing the latter. We as Citizens of the greatest country on Earth, must see the problem for what it is. We need to take our government's problems, and bring it down to something we can relate to.

I was watching a funny video about our Debt Limit yesterday.

As seen from this light-hearted spoof about the Debt Limit,

this man (our government) has no clue as to the responsibility that he should be practicing. So what does he do? He mortgages his child's future without hesitation or regret. The real situation is that our government needs to take more responsibility  as to their mindless spending. No matter what your political affiliation is, you should be very concerned about the the Debt Limit, because it's your children's future that's at risk......and I have to say, I have turned off the news, and the weather tomorrow is gonna be mid 20's.....I'm Just Sayin.

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