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Monday, March 4, 2013

Remember That Thing Called Job Security?

Remember That Thing Called Job Security?


This post is coming from my heart, because I’ve seen some bad things happen to people I know and love — people who believed in job security and what used to be “the plan” for financial success:
  • Finish school
  • Get a job with a reliable company
  • Stay there for years and years
  • Retire with a pension that will carry you comfortably through retirement

But the plan didn’t work.  There is no job security.

sad person who thought she had job securityEven if you think you have job security these days, what happens when you retire?
I saw people who did everything “right” lose their retirement savings when the economy took a downturn.  The medical benefits they counted on were cut.  I saw “retired” people having to look for part-time jobs to supplement their Social Security.  They can’t enjoy their retirement.  Hell, they can’t even eat what they want because there’s not enough money for food, gas, clothes, property taxes, etc.
I’m not going to let that happen to me, and I don’t want to see it happen to you, either.

Let’s create our own job security.

Empower Network allows you to start your own at-home business for less than $100.  The possibilities for earning money are limitless, and you’ll be introduced to the tips and tricks of the six-figure earners as part of your easy and valuable training.
Join today and take responsibility for your own job security.  You have nothing to lose — or do you?


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pelican Whole House Water Filter

What is The Pelican Carbon Series

Whole House Water Filter?

 The Pelican Carbon Series PC600 Whole House Water Filter is simply the best whole house water filter available today. You will not find a whole house water filter that is more affordable and removes more contaminates than this product! The PC600’s multi-stage filtration process and high-performance filtering media produce sparkling-clean, contaminant-free water for your home. Imagine enjoying spring-like water through every faucet in your house! Drink delicious, contaminant-free water. Bathe and shower in contaminant-free water – your hair and skin will feel softer almost immediately, and there won’t be any chemicals in your water to cause you to suffer from dry, itchy skin.

 D & J Construction is your Pelican™ Dealer for all of your Healthy Water Needs!

 Lenny from Brick said "Dominick is extremely reliable , honest and does excellent work. He responds to messages in a timely manner. His workmanship and professional demeanor are outstanding. Dominick has provided me with advice and instructions that has saved me additional money. Thank you again for installing and servicing my whole house water filtration system."

Do you have a very large home and need more than 600,000 gallons? 

Checkout the PC1000 High Capacity Water Filter.
Want to soften your water as well as remove contaminants?Consider the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Whole House Water Filter/Softener 1-3 Bathrooms.

Healthier, contaminant-free water
Better-tasting beverages (coffee, tea, lemonade, etc.)
Better-tasting and better-for-you food (when prepared with the filtered water)
Softer skin and hair
Easy installation with no assembly required (indoors, outdoors, or underground)
Improved indoor air quality (eliminates chloroform gas and odors)
No back flushing
No wasted water
Little to no water pressure loss
No electricity use
Great for pets – veterinarians recommend filtered water for pets

 Why should I choose the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter for my home?

The PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is a superior product that offers a host of benefits versus other whole house water filters available today. The PC600’s filter
lasts for up to 5 years or 600,000 gallons; when it’s time to replace the filter, all you have to replace is the media inside the tank – no tank to replace and no plumbing
required! This makes the cost of filter replacement a fraction of that of competitive products. In addition, the PC600 Premium Whole House Water Filter is manufactured
using only the highest quality valves and tanks. The tank’s large diameter holds a significant amount of water filtration media, resulting in better over-all performance and
longer lifespan for the product. All in all, the PC600 is designed for many years of trouble-free service.

Premium Whole House Water Filter & Salt Free Softener

If you are interested in filtering the chlorine and contaminants in your water along with eliminating the negative effects of hard water without the use of salt then the Pelican Combo Series is your answer. Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers and see for yourself why the Pelican PSE1800 Premium Combo Series is the "Ultimate Home Appliance" for your family. Stop buying expensive bottled water or lugging salt, and start getting better than bottled water quality from every tap in your home with the Pelican Combo Series while saving you time and money. The Pelican Premium Combo Series combines the Pelican Carbon Series along with the NaturSoft Series to give you "A True Spa like Experience".

Pelican Whole House Water Filter Information Page

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Still Rock And Roll To Me......I'm Just Sayin

Rock and Roll Still Lives!

I'm a 70's musical child, and I'm so very glad for that. I grew up listening to the 60's music, with groups like, Cream, Tommy James & The Shondells, The Rolling Stones, and in my opinion the best musical group of all time....The Beatles.  As a matter of fact I really thought that my Aunt Francine was going to marry Paul McCartney. I loved visiting my Grandmother in the Bronx, because I would hang out with my Aunt Jackie (Francine's sister) and play Beatles 45's, singing, dancing and thinking how Wonderful Rock and Roll was! We would walk to the corner five and dime and buy packs of Beatles cards....the ones with the gum. I was hypnotized by the music. It was a good time to be alive!

Music is the kind of thing that can not be hidden. Rock and Roll could not be stopped.

As I grew up, so did Rock and Roll. I grew up listening to songs like "I wanna hold your hand", "My Girl", and "Twist and Shout" and by the time I was in my early teens the message changed, it was a little harder and the lyrics were a little grittier. My ears tingled to tunes like: Let it be by the Beatles, Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zepplin, American Woman by The Guess Who,  And the Jackson five were all over the air waves. I must admit that I thought that Michael Jackson was the coolest kid ever!
But the 70's also left me feeling abandoned. I was listening to the radio, and heard an awful news cast that the Beatles were breaking up! I felt betrayed! I couldn't get over the fact that there would be no more Beatles music.....ever.......UNTIL NOW!


Thanks to "Soundhog"  who put this video up on YouTube. The combination of Helter Skelter and Whole Lotta Love was brilliant! VERY COOL SONG! But I regress.....The rest of the 70's brought some of the best music of all time......... from Solo releases of the former Beatles, to Elton John, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Eric Clapton, to Peter Gabriel...way too many to name here, although I could! The 80's also brought some pretty interesting music like The Wall, by Pink Floyd (one of my favorites), Blondie, The Cars, The Police etc. The 90's were a little disappointing, but there was Jon Bon jovi, and Barenaked Ladies. Bottom line here is that Rock and Roll still lives on!

I want to thank the powers that be for music, especially Rock and Roll!

Music is the best thing that Humankind has invented. I live my life around music. I play it on my cell phone, which has around 800 songs on the micro SD card, my work trucks are fashioned with players that not only play MP3 disc's but also play thumb drives which carry days worth of music EACH! My home is wired for music also. My stereo reaches out to speakers in the Living room (surround), two bathrooms, Master Bedroom, Dining room, and Family room.
In closing, I can only say that without music, and especially Rock and Roll the world would be an unbearable place to live.....I'm gonna take a shower now, and Rock out!.....I'm Just Sayin!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Debt Limit, Should We Be Worried?......I'm Just Sayin

The Debt Limit is in the news pretty much every day.

I promised myself that 2013 would be the year for me to stop watching the news so much, stay positive and not worry about anything, especially from our government. I'm a registered Republican, but I now consider myself an Independent. I will be changing my affiliation one day this year. For the last eleven years I have taken more than an interest in what goes on within our government. I had become disheartened by the fact that our representatives no longer represent. It seems if you are a special interest group with lots of money, THEN your voice will be heard.
I worried mostly because I was concerned about my children's future in this country. Will they be safe from outside extremist groups? Will they be able to get a job?  Will they be taxed so highly because of the fact that  our government can't control the Debt Limit? Is our government honest with its people? These and many more questions ran through my head just about every day. I joined "groups" for illegal immigration, groups that wanted our politicians held accountable for their actions. I sent faxes, made phone calls, wrote emails and letters. I was very concerned all the time. So much so, that it began to become part of who I was. I would have conversations with total strangers about how the policies of our government was putting us all at risk. I was consumed!

Now again, the Debt Limit is being thrown in our faces.

It really makes me wonder if the powers that be are really intelligent enough to control the future of our country, or are they like a spoiled college student who was given Daddy's credit card. I'm guessing the latter. We as Citizens of the greatest country on Earth, must see the problem for what it is. We need to take our government's problems, and bring it down to something we can relate to.

I was watching a funny video about our Debt Limit yesterday.

As seen from this light-hearted spoof about the Debt Limit,

this man (our government) has no clue as to the responsibility that he should be practicing. So what does he do? He mortgages his child's future without hesitation or regret. The real situation is that our government needs to take more responsibility  as to their mindless spending. No matter what your political affiliation is, you should be very concerned about the the Debt Limit, because it's your children's future that's at risk......and I have to say, I have turned off the news, and the weather tomorrow is gonna be mid 20's.....I'm Just Sayin.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Australian Man Strikes it Rich.......I'm Just Sayin

A now rich Australian man made an extraordinary discovery yesterday!

He found an "incredibly rare" 12-pound gold nugget. It was hiding under only 23 inches of dirt. The total price for such a find?....$300,000, and maybe even more than that because of the rarity of the find. He found it in a place where hundreds searched before, using a Minelab GPX-5000, a state-of-the-art metal detector.

gold, rich, $300,000, gold nugget
Looks like Daffy Duck to me! or an alien Oscar!

The man who wants to stay anonymous (can you blame him....I would too!) says at first I thought it was the hood of a car! Cordell Kent, owner of The Mining Exchange Gold Shop said in an interview:
"He doesn't want anyone to know his bit of ground. There are only four people who know where he found it -- he and his wife and me and my wife. And he's hoping the one he found this week is a small piece and that there are bigger ones still out there."

The man said he will use the money to pay off bills. Yeah, that's good! Now he's a rich guy!

But is it gold, or money that makes you rich? Sure wealth IS nice, and I wouldn't complain one bit if I was digging in my back yard and like Jed Clampett I struck that black gold or yellow gold, even a gold watch would be nice. But what I've learned through my years of searching for my nugget (gold) is that money is nice of course, but my wealth is in my content for life. My family (wife and four children) make me rich beyond anything that money could buy!
To me, it's not the money that I want really, it's the things that I could have if money was not an issue. Obviously I would pay off my house, I would have no bills, go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I'd go to Disney World for a weekend trip. These things and more are most definitely in my future, I had a dream about it, I feel it, I know it. I know it because I've found my golden nugget.

If you believe in Miracles, then follow me to the Golden Nugget, and let's get rich together!

The Golden Nugget I speak of is the Empower Network. It's an unusual form of internet marketing where you can really make it rich by blogging, and selling blogs! Click here for a free video to see how you too can live the life of your dreams! It's real, and I'll show you how to find your own golden nugget and make it rich!....I'm Just Sayin.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tough Day?? This Too Shall Pass……I’m Just Sayin

This stagnant economy is hurting a lot of people, but This Too Shall Pass!

I talked to a friend of mine today who had a really long streak of bad luck. He had asked me to give him an estimate on his home which was damaged during hurricane Sandy. His roof was almost entirely ripped off, and because of this there was some fairly extensive water damage on his ceilings and walls. He seemed really down, and that's just not like him.
During our conversation I came to find out that he had recently dissolved his HVAC business (heating and air conditioning) because of an unscrupulous builder had decided to bankrupt his current company with no warning to the contractors that were working on his 8,000 sq. ft. house. His partner in his business who was his best friend had become distant, to say the least. He was living on unemployment, and that money was just not enough to cover his bills.   And to top it all off his pride and joy, a 2005 Ford F250 was totaled by a drunk driver while parked in his driveway. WOW.....that was a lot to take in! My heart ached for him, and I wanted to grab him and tell him that this too shall pass and all will be okay.

My life has been filled with "this too shall pass" moments.

And because of my experiences, I started to tell him of some of the things in my life that seemed to be so desperate that I didn't think I would walk away unscathed. I explained to him that I just keep thinking positive thoughts, and not let that certain situation get me down. And I believe that by thinking positive I've noticed about not just my life, but others is that, just when it seems that everything is going wrong, something amazing happens. The dreaded situation works itself out, and sometimes I'm so much better off for it!
Now here is the AMAZING thing that happened to my friend. As he was asking me to keep the price down, so he could "maybe" keep some of the insurance money to live on, his cell phone rang. He almost didn't answer it because he didn't want to be rude but I insisted that it was okay. That phone call was for a job interview that he was waiting for, but figured that he wouldn't get because it was such a really big company and there were tons of applicants for that same position. This was his "This too shall pass" moment.

Here is a video by OK Go.... titled  This Too Shall Pass!

I love this video, not only because how it was made, which is incredible in itself, but just the words "this too shall pass" is a phrase that is close to my heart!

So in closing: If things in your life aren't going just right, whether you lost your job, or crashed your car, or just down on your luck. My advise to you is to STAY POSITIVE, because all will work itself out, and all you have to remind yourself is that "This too shall pass"!!....I'm just sayin

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's a cold and rainy day.....I need a laugh.....I'm Just Sayin

I'm an "upbeat" person who loves to laugh.

Today, it's a cold and rainy day in January, and that in itself is to be expected. I find that this kind of weather just makes me feel like crap. I was out on one of my jobs this morning meeting with a customer and the cold rain just went right through me. I Own a Construction Business (D and J Construction), and our current job is outside, we were forced to take a day off.
I came back to my office, and figured that I would get some estimates out. So, as usual, whilst on my computer I started by opening up my proposal "some" work done....time to check my email....Hmmmm, wonder what facebook is up to this morning....and finally on YouTube......Thank God for tabs!

This was a good thing, because I got that much needed laugh.

While browsing videos, I find it amazing how I start off with a video about the new chip for smart phones to make them 3D (I love Technology) and end up watching a video about The NFL "A Bad Lip Reading" I'm so glad that I did see it because I laughed my A## off! Actually if football was like this I would be a fan for sure!! Check it out:

Now that was the laugh I was looking for!

This video made me laugh out loud. I watched it three times, because as you watch you will swear that these guys are actually saying this stuff! Here is what a few of the comments look like.
"This was so good, I actually thought the players, refs, and coach's were actually saying this...then I re-read the title and all that". And: "An orange peanut!?" And:“I brought you a potion and it’s gonna work great cause it’s gonna make you run and you brought your potion, right?”
I LOVE to laugh. For me it's the cure all. Our house is usually filled with laughter, and I notice that people that do laugh a lot, are more comfortable with themselves and others. Other people like to be around them. It's a natural thing.

People like to surround themselves with laughter and success.

Now if your a "happy" person who enjoys a laugh or two a day, then that's Wonderful! I think a person with that kind of mindset will attract success also. I personally have many success stories. From my marriage, to my home, to my awesome children, to my construction business, and finally to my latest soon to be "the best" success story of my life! I have joined the Empower Network, and I see a really incredible future ahead of me. If you want to know more about how to join us, Click Here!
In closing.....Laugh, Love, and spread the wealth of your own good fortune to others....I'm Just Sayin.